Super High Sensitivity

BT130C / BT200C

BT130C (1.3Mega Pixel) and BT200C (2.0 Mega Pixel) are the best in class low light sensitive CMOS Image Sensor in the world. Brookman Technology's patented Hyper Bit ADC, using folding integration and cyclic A/D conversion, achieves significant performance of low nosie and wide dynamic range. Since it is used CMOS technology, the lower power consumption of sensor does not require cooling system as other high sensitivity image sensor technologies (ex, EMCCD, sCMOS) are requied. The vertical windowing function is able to make frame rate faster for reduced image area. 


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Singificant performance of low light sensitivity

Following is the result of bench mark between BT200C and conpetitor's product which is widely believed as the best low light CMOS Image Sensor for security camera application due to its advanced production technology of BSI (Back Side illumination). In order to compare as fair as possible, BT200C has reduced its gain to 33% since the pixel size of these sensors are different (competitor ; 2.9um, BT200C ; 5.0um). Therefore, following comparison would reasonably be as "apple to apple" condition.    



Suitable Applications

  • Military/Defense                     (True Color Night Vision) 
  • Infrastracture Surveilance       (True Color Night Vision)
  • ITS Camera
  • Border Security
  • Scientific Mesurement
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • NIR Camera
  • UV Camera


NIR Sensing / UV sensing

BT130C and BT200C are also has great sensitivity at Near Infrared and Ultra Violet wavelength. Therefore, just chaning the filter, user can achieve NIR camera and/or UV camera with extremely low cost than using specific wavelength image sensors for Near IR or UV.


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BT200C for NIR.pdf




Sample Video for UV and NIR imaging



Referece Video Link (3rd parties' site) on Color Night Vision 


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