Super High-Speed

BT033A / BT130A

BT033A (VGA) and BT130A (1.3M) are super high-speed Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor with Digital Output. The products adopt Novel Globa Shutter (True-Snapshot-pixel) technology and on chip Column Parralel Low Noise 12bit A/D Convertor in order to achieve significant low noise (Read Noise < 7e-) performance at very high frame rate (7200fps @VGA, 1800fps @1.3M). The frame rate can be much faster with using vertical windowing functions.  


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Suitable Appliactions

  • High-speed Camera
  • Highend Machine Vision Camera
  • Motion Analysis Camera
  • Bio-imaging ultrafast camera
  • Bio-imaging sequencer
  • Replacement of high speed linear camera


Extended Solution

Brookman Technology is willing to develop semi-custom and/or full-custom high-speed CMOS sensor for the request of high resolutions over 2Mega pixels with optimizing the design of Pixel size and on chip A/D Convertor in order to fullfill the various concerns of customer's requiements such as;  frame rate, exposure time, sensitivity, noise leve, dyanamic range, optical size etc.      


Sample Video